Employee Benefits

At EBCS we assist in developing and maintaining a comprehensive Employee Health Benefits program. Nothing is ever just black and white. Employee Health Benefits is a complicated business. Managing a
successful plan is done through careful planning. Sometimes it is a necessity to rely on a expert.

Virtually all major companies outsource some aspect of their operation. When executed properly, outsourcing to organizations such as EBCS to handle various aspects of Employee Health Benefits programs, allows corporations to focus on their core business. At EBCS we accomplish this by providing consultative services, benefit administration, and the following services:

  • Consultative analysis of current benefit design

  • Review renewal history and claims various insurers

  • Recommend an action plan for any potential plan modification

  • Assist labor liaison with various Unions during collective bargaining process

  • Coordinate open enrollment meetings/health fairs

  • Facilitate the completion of enrollment material

  • Manage and solve various benefit related issues between client and the carrier

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